BAKE ME: A Valentine’s Day Mini Trifle

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

I find that a homemade gift is always more meaningful than a gift you go out and buy. This year, in addition to buying E a little something, I decided to make miniature trifles for our Valentine’s Day feast! I combined some of our favorite sweets: cookies, brownies, strawberries, chocolate, sprinkles and whipped cream. What could be bad about all of those things?!

Instead of making everything from scratch, I used some of my favorite mixes from Betty Crocker. Their Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and Fudge Brownie Mix are staples in my pantry. I always have at least two of each on reserve at any time. You never know when you will need to make a quick dessert. And they are so inexpensive and customizable. I always add extra chocolate chips or sprinkles. For this trifle, you can use store bought cookies and brownies too! No need to bake anything for this recipe!

I started my trifle prep by slicing up some strawberries and making some fresh homemade whipped cream. Feel free to use store bough whipped cream though. It will taste just as good! Then I chopped up the cookies and brownies into bite sized pieces. Lastly, I melted some chocolate chips in the microwave and added some heavy cream to make it smooth. Once everything was ready, I layered it in small jars! I picked them out because they were $1 each at the Christmas Tree Shop and they were super cute. You can also use plastic cups or small mason jars. They turned out so cute! And now I have a homemade Valentine’s Day dessert for E.

If you decide to make one for your love, post a picture on Instagram and tag me! I can’t wait to see your creations!

**Note: This is NOT sponsored by Betty Crocker. I truly just love their products!